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Online Casino Gamification

Online Casino GamificationMost casino sites will offer you a massive range of online slots but there’s a growing trend in the online casino world moving towards gamification. What’s gamification you ask? Gamification is basically when the online casino offers a reward system for playing all their games. Gamification varies between different casinos, we’ll go through some of the ways that online casinos try to engage players and keep them coming back to play more.

Loyalty Points

Let’s talk about one of the main ways online casinos will keep you coming back for me. Loyalty points are one of the most common rewards systems online casinos offer their players.

Loyalty points work on the premise that the more time you spend at a casino, the more that casino will reward you with perks. Rewards can be anything from Free Spins, trips to special events and proper VIP treatment.


Another fantastic and fun way that online casinos offer gamification to their players is by constructing leaderboards. Also, a very simple but very rewarding concept that’s also about points, is playing slot games with a casino to compete on a leaderboard with other casino players. Basically, the more points you earn, the further up the leaderboard you’ll go. This adds an even further competitive element as well as a more social element as you’re interacting with other players. But of course, the main motivation for climbing your way up the leaderboard, is access to more bonuses and prizes.

They have a leaderboard that works like this at Casumo for example called Reel Races. You can join daily races, accumulate points get yourself high up on the leaderboard. There are plenty of prizes to be won and you’ll get lots of access to bonuses.!

Goals, Adventures, and Missions

Goals, adventures, and Missions are one of the most creative types of gamification yet. Online casinos making you work towards a goal and keep your casino playing extra competitive, will definitely keep competitive gamers on their books. People love completing missions, especially if they’re in with a chance to win massive cash prizes.

Kaboo Casino is an example of an online casino site who do this pretty well. They even let you pick your missions. And of course, when you complete your mission, you can get some pretty awesome prizes. Casino Heroes approach gamification in a different way, with them you pick an avatar who plays your games and also lets you explore secret, magic worlds as you battle evil bosses. Adding another gaming element or layer to your casino gaming.