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What the Live Casino Experience Gives to Players

Live Casinos have proven to be increasingly popular and it appears to be taking punters away from traditional land casinos. The appeal lies in playing your favourite casino game on the go. A major attraction is not being tied to your PC to access the impressive software.

Many people choosing to play at online casinos are now making it priority number one that the casino they choose provides a mobile friendly experience, so that they can play using their mobile or tablet.

The Comfort of Your Own Home

The opportunity for punters to take part in a past-time without having to leave their home is appealing. Each player can choose where and when they want to play. On top of this, it’s a cheaper real-feel Vegas experience. All that is missing is some live slots!

Regular Renovations

With the online casino industry becoming more competitive every day, they are conscious of the importance of updates. Introduce live casinos. The player has the opportunity to play their favourite games like Roulette, Blackjack and Poker in the closest way possible to land casino table games. It is common for players to register with an online casino dependant on whether or not they offer live casinos.

Have Some Banter with the Croupier

All this means is that the punter will get the closest experience to a land casino that is physically possible. What makes the live casino encounter so realistic is the presence of a live dealer in real time. You can speak with the dealer through a live chat function, which proves it’s real. Many players build a rapport with certain dealers and return to the same game once they’ve established that connection.

RNG v Game Control Unit

Accompanied by the real-time dealer are the games. They are highly realistic, which make the players feel they have stepped inside a land casino. You can watch the croupier shuffle the deck and put the little ball into motion. Some people need to see before they believe. Many prefer seeing the action done in real time without the reliance of a random number generator (RNG). In place of the RNG they use a game control unit. The machine converts the cards or number into digital information that is used for online fair play.

On top of all this, players have the choice of picking their own seats and are surrounded by other players, which makes the whole experience more sociable.

A number of features remain the same, playing the live game is similar to playing your regular online casino game. You use the same controls as you would to place your stakes or to collect winnings, because of this the player gets the best of both worlds.

Virtual Reality Movement

It is expected that live casinos are going to become even more user friendly and the wide-spread use of virtual reality may be the next move for online casinos. The assumption is this would aid to the social factor of gaming online allowing people to meet friends without having to head to the pub.