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Which Casino Games Pay Out The Most?

Sure, playing online casino games are ultimately about having a good time…but a big part of the thrill also has to do with the amount of money you could win at any given moment. That’s not to say that every type of online casino game you play will churn out wads of cash. That’s because each online casino game has its own Return To Player (RTP) – or payout percentage – and if you happen to be playing with the precise intent to win, then we recommend that you first get to know the RTPs of the games out there. This especially applies when you’re trying to make the decision to play table games or online slots.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of both, taking individual RTPs into play, to determine where you should be betting. Regardless of the outcome, however, we do have some parting advice that we would suggest you pay heed to – otherwise your online gaming experience might become more about money than it is about entertainment!

Table Games RTP

While blackjack, roulette and other table games all have a different RTP, it’s safe to say that they award a higher than average payout compared to the average slot game. Before you settle on playing table games exclusively, however, bear in mind that the payout percentage you can expect would be on a lower variance, meaning that the payouts wouldn’t happen as often as one would expect from an online slot game. Of course, strategy also comes into play with table games, so one could argue that you have control over how often you’ll receive a win.

Slots: The Easy Winner

When it comes to slots, the average online casino worth its salt offers a sound 97% RTP average. Anything less isn’t generally considered worthwhile. The advantage that slots players have over table game players, however, is that all wins are random and could strike at any given time. There’s no such thing as having a betting strategy for online slots, as all games make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) system. What this does is ensure fair gameplay at all times. This, in turn, adds an extreme element of surprise, as anyone, anywhere can win a massive jackpot payout at any time – regardless of how much cash they’ve pumped into the game. Imagine betting a miniscule amount and walking away with hundreds of thousands in mere seconds. With slot games, it’s entirely possible.

Play What You Love

Remember that RTP and jackpot win potential aside, playing at online casinos should, first and foremost, be about having fun. For that reason, our philosophy is always to simply stick to playing the game you know and love. Shifting your focus away from payout percentages and just letting your hair down is a far better way to unwind and enjoy every minute of your gaming experience. If you start to become too invested in or focused on winning, the chances are you’ll end up taking online gaming far too seriously – which could lead to complications further down the road. Our advice? Play what you love. And, if you happen to enjoy an above-average RTP and life-changing win along the way, then good for you!