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The Most Common Casino Lingo for New Gamers

Casino LingoOnline Casino Lingo

Whether you choose to play at a land or online casino, there’s very little difference in the casino lingo you can expect to use, hear or see.
Casinos of any kind are an exciting place to be, and the electricity bouncing off player to player is palpable. However, as a newbie, online casino terminology can be a potentially challenging place to navigate. You might not necessarily have the croupier to explain things clearly to you unless of course, you’re at a Live Casino. Regardless of what casino or software provider you choose to play, the lay of the land is almost universal.

Commonly Used Casino Lingo and Terminology

Before embarking on your online casino adventure, familiarise yourself with the lingo that’s commonly used, to better your chances of profitable gameplay. Below, we’ve laid out a glossary of terms that can be used by experienced players and newbies alike.

Active Payline

Each game is unique; this means the number of paylines will be dependent on the game you’re playing. The payline will hold symbols that need to line up in order for you to win. Betting on a particular payline is known as an ‘active payline’. Once you place a bet on that specific payline, it becomes active.


This is the total amount of cash that either the player or casino uses for making wagers. How much you’re willing to or are able to wager is a personal decision, and it’s vital you’re aware of how much you’re spending. Set yourself limits if you’re losing track of your bets.

Betting Limit

The betting limit refers to the maximum and minimum total of money that will be accepted at a casino game. Typically, this term is used most regularly around slot machines.

Card Counting

Counting cards is the act of recording players cards from memory. This is expected to give you a fair idea of being able to calculate card probabilities. Generally, this is frowned upon at land casinos. It’s not possible to carry this out at an online casino due to the presence of a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Chameleon Strategy

This is more common at land casinos and sees a player mimic the play of another who’s on a winning streak.


Also known as the dealer. The croupier is the professional at the table. S/he deals your cards and acts as a kind of supervisor in some instances.

Face Cards

Your face cards are represented by the Jack, Queen and King in a deck of cards.

High Roller

High rollers can be found at both land and online casinos. These are the people who’re flashing the cash and often placing obnoxious wagers.

Hole Card

While playing Blackjack, the hole card is that of which the croupier is dealt and is facing downwards. Other table games have different rules and can represent the card the player is dealt.

House Edge

The House Edge is the percentage and ratio that the casino has over the player. Although players attempt strategies to beat this Edge, it’s still in existence and won’t be hoodwinked.


A paytable holds the information in a slot game. This is always vital information such as the winning payline combinations and how the game works. Ultimately, it encompasses any wins from each payline combination.


The most vital piece of equipment to be found at an online casino. The Random Number Generator (RNG) uses mathematical algorithms to determine a completely arbitrary winning combination of numbers. At a land casino, using multiple shoes of decks is often considered a form of manual RNG at table games.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are desperately sought-after. It’s because when one of these symbols falls somewhere on the payline, they’ll typically trigger free spins. Even if they don’t trigger a bout of free spins, they’re almost always someway lucrative.


Keep your eyes peeled for a ‘whale’. These are the players who place exceptionally high stakes at a table occupied by players who are betting significantly less.

Wild Symbols

In a nutshell, a Wild symbol is used to replace another symbol to create a winning combination. These symbols are only found at slot machines and will be represented by different images or themes depending on the game you’re playing.