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Facilitating Frictionless Online Casino Payments

online casino paymentsFacilitating Frictionless Online Casino Payments

As ICE 2018 kicks off in London this week, we can’t help but think about the online gaming world and the ongoing digitisation of the way we pay to play everything from roulette to online slots, video poker and a host of other casino games. The big move from traditional ways of paying to digitally-enabled platforms continues to move at great speed, transforming user behaviour. And now, for many casinos, finding ways to add value through technologies and products that make online casino payments frictionless, secure and convenient has become the key to their success.

Market Needs for Secure, Convenient Online Casino Payments

Players want services and solutions that offer the utmost security and convenience. They want fast, easy payment solutions that don’t disrupt their gaming pleasure.

On the other hand, online gaming operators look for efficient flows of money via secure payment systems so that they can effortlessly distribute winnings to players. This, in turn, helps them to attract new players.

For any platform to create a value-add product, they need to understand what both sides want.

Bridging the Player/Platform Gap

These days, the gaming world isn’t as black and white as “offline” or “online.” The lines are blurred. That’s why more and more prepaid payment methods are bridging the gap by providing a way for online gamers to use cash for their casino deposits. It’s a big advantage for gaming merchants, too, who can offer players another convenient payment option while generating more business.

On-the-Go Payments

Mobile gaming continues to rise in popularity, so being able to make your online casino deposits and withdrawals on your mobile device is important, too.

A mobile device should offer fast and effortless depositing. The casino’s mobile platform should offer an excellent browsing and gaming experience complete with secure and frictionless ways to make deposits and withdrawals with a player’s preferred banking method. And, you shouldn’t have to be tech-savvy to do it. That’s why more and more online casinos are ensuring their mobile platforms are geared to deal with payments, too.

Security Is the Number One Priority

Making safe online payments is extremely important to players. Research suggests the more than 50% of players are prepared to accept any security measures necessary to eradicate fraud, while even more are open to the introduction of further secure payment processes like two-factor authentication.

The efficient and secure flow of funds from player to online casino operator and back is strictly governed by directive and protocols that iGaming payments solutions providers must respond to if they want to remain relevant to merchants.

Online payment solutions must meet the most stringent security standards to protect players and businesses against fraudulent activities.

Casinos Keep It Simple

When it comes to online casino payments, solutions need to be secure and easy for players. Players want convenience, safety and simplicity. They want to get on with enjoying the gameplay.

On the other side, the casino operators need a straightforward implementation that allows for the effortless flow of funds that can be activated in multiple currencies at the touch of a button. We think that most casinos are getting it right.

Whether you prefer to use your bank cards, e-wallets, or vouchers, your payment experience should be completely seamless so that you can carry on with your favourite casino games.