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Virtual Reality Casino Gaming Looks Set to Take Off in 2018

Virtual Reality Casino Gaming

Will Virtual Reality Casino Gaming really take off in 2018? The international online casino industry has been revolutionised since its inception almost a quarter of a century ago due to continuous technological advances worldwide. From basic slots, live dealer casino games and now virtual reality gaming, will the latest trend take hold this year? Let’s see if VR gaming is fully poised to take the baton from live dealer games and be players’ new game of choice in 2018.

Evolution of Online Casino Gaming

The scepticism online casino received from many gamblers in the past has since been allayed by the accelerated technological developments in the past three decades. The glamour and excitement offered by land-based casinos can now be matched with seamless live dealer games. We’ve come a long way from glitchy online slot games.

A natural progression from Live Dealer Games, Virtual Reality casino gaming could be the cornerstone that brings all the elements of a Vegas casino experience to online players.

The best way of enjoying these casino games is through the Virtual Reality devices. These devices have been used in video games for many years, and their inclusion to the online gambling scene was long overdue. The VR casinos have become so popular over the past few years. What are the reasons behind this rising popularity?

VR Casinos Are Offering a Greater Variety of Games

The technology to bring VR Casinos to the average home casino player has around for a while, but its rollout has been slow. Although there are a number of table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, video poker, poker and exciting slot titles in existence, the price drop in virtual reality headsets is only just making this form of gaming accessible to the general population. This was signalled at the 2018 ICE iGaming Expo when NetEnt unveiled their most popular slot game, Gonzo’s Quest in a fully operational VR format. Additionally, the launch of the world’s only 3D virtual reality online casino, SlotsMillion, and its UK-facing brand LadyLucks is another sign that this is the direction online casino is heading in.

Realistic and Exciting Experience

Virtual Reality Casino Gaming is now a reality with widely available devices which provide a realistic casino experience that’s incomparable to other formats. VR’s success in other sectors has been phenomenal and we’re starting to see the same growth in casino. VR casinos now surpass Live Dealer games in their ability to be interactive. You can walk around the virtual casino, be a spectator, interact with other players, choose a game, interact with the dealer, just like you would at any Las Vegas institution. The social element to this experience is key to its success.


Virtual reality is one of the greatest technological advances of the past decade and looks set to revolutionise online casino in much the same way. We can see from developments in the casino industry that it’s becoming more widely available. It looks like 2018 might just be the year for this trend to really take off. You can now get yourself a VR headset from anywhere between £60 to £500. When you do try this amazing casino experience for the first time, we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.