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Give a Warm Welcome to Virtual Reality Slots

We’ve Landed in the Future! Virtual Reality Slots are Here!

As our world morphs into a virtual representation of itself, it’s no surprise that industries are embracing new technology. Oculus Rift, for example, is hard at work to make virtual reality (VR) accessible to the masses, with other brands jumping on the bandwagon to offer innovative and exciting inventions. One industry that’s big on VR is online casino gaming. Now, players can look forward to virtual reality slots thanks to the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming.

NetEnt Takes Virtual Reality Slots to a New Level

At the moment, video slots outnumber any other kind of online casino game. Also, each game has a unique theme, usually complemented by some sort of storyline.
Scrolling through the hundreds of online slots at any casino will bring up pretty much everything from fantasy worlds to detective themes, and tons of TV and movie themes. iGaming developers have turned slots into something so much more than just symbols and reels.
With this in mind, NetEnt has taken slots to an entirely new level with Gonzo’s Quest VR. The slot is based on the game of the same name. However, the virtual reality version was first previewed at this year’s ICE gaming conference in London.

About NetEnt’s Latest VR Slot

The new slot has been coded in HTML5 which makes for seamless integration into online casinos. The game is expected to be released this summer and will usher in a whole new era for online casino gaming.
By connecting a VR headset, you will get the chance to step into Gonzo’s world. Besides getting a first-hand look at the reels, you’ll be able to actively explore the surroundings, too.
Adding this level of immersion is set to make virtual reality slots feel even more like traditional console games.
As technology developers, there’s no doubt there’ll be further innovations. Whether it’s the ability to move between the main game and sub-games or interact with characters as a bonus feature the options may well be endless.

Virtual Reality Slots Are Just the Beginning

It’s not only slots that will move into the VR space. During ICE, NetEnt announced the launch of a multi-table live casino concept where players can play alongside several real dealers at a time. So, the move into a VR table setting is more than possible.
In fact, Microgaming has already developed a virtual reality roulette game while other brands are doing their best to follow suit. For the online casino gaming industry, NetEnt’s latest release will be a catalyst for further innovations which means you can look forward to brand-new online gaming experiences and even more ways to use bonuses and free spins and walk away a winner.
But, and this is important, the advent of VR casinos could serve as inspiration to other industries who previously didn’t see the value in virtual reality. While VR table games and slots might have seemed impossible a few short years ago, things have certainly changed and that means more businesses are betting on the virtual world.