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The New Face of Online Casino Gaming in Canada and AI

The New Face of Online Casino Gaming in Canada and AI

The Canadian casino industry is big business. In fact, it carries an annually estimated worth of about CA$13 billion. That’s nothing to scoff at and it’s certainly one industry that’s injecting welcome funds into the economy. It shows no signs of slowing down either, especially when we consider the ever-increasing popularity of online casino gaming.

As with any industry, it does have a few underlying issues. But, these are issues that may well be possible to resolve thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Already widely used across sectors, this latest technology might revolutionise how the world of online casinos work, creating a highly improved experience for Canuck players.

Online Casino Gaming Opens Up to a World of Possibilities

While AI technology has certainly developed at lightning speed, the intersection between gaming and AI is actually not new, having come into effect some twenty years ago when IBM’s Deep Blue computer defeated well-known chess superstar, Garry Kasparov. Progress has led to the continuation of the trend within the casino arena with Libratus AI famously winning thousands of poker hands over some of the best players in the world last year.

AI, though, has the potential to extend even further beyond man versus machine. AI offers the exciting possibility of a significantly improved user experience and in turn, this could help online casino operators create a platform that’s been built completely with the individual player in mind.

Customisation is one enticing application. For example, popular operator, LeoVegas already features 118 games that are available to Canadian-based players, including blackjack, roulette, slots and other favourites. What AI does is learn from each individual player’s gaming sessions to go on and create a personalised and player-specific homepage. This means a player no longer has to sort through hundreds of games by presenting their preferred options right there and then.

What’s more, AI means casinos can do away with impersonal, general customer service bots and replace them with a brand-new breed of intelligence that’s not just set up to meet a player’s unique needs but also delivers focused, faster resolution issues. In short, you’ll get a friendly, responsive and completely relevant automated system that does exactly what you need it to do.

It’s a Win-Win for Casino Operators, Too

It’s not just online casino gaming enthusiasts who stand to benefit from AI technology. The online casino operators will also enjoy certain advantages, such as making it even easier to root out cheaters and level the gaming playing field.

Helping to lessen the disadvantages that are associated with the powerlessness to physically monitor gamer’s behaviour, AI may allow casinos to keep a step ahead of fraudsters.

AI certainly offers a world of possibilities to the online casino sector and has the potential to transform the Canadian gaming industry, making it an even safer and more fun place to every player. AI can protect against manipulation while also allowing a more individual and efficient user experience.