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Codeta’s Skill Score Improves Live Gaming Performance

The online casino industry requires constant innovation to keep on top of things, like a boxing match, the stakes are high against your competitors and it’s every man for himself and last man standing wins. Releasing new and innovative takes on much loved games is no easy feat., but Codeta Casino have invented a new feature called Skill Score This could be the next game-changer in the industry, so keep reading to find out more.

What is the Skill Score?

What, exactly is the Skill Score and what does it mean for you? An online casino that launches innovative gaming products to attract new players and keep them coming back, is a great casino. And the Skill Score is one such product that will help Codeta shine. They pride themselves on being a casino brand that’s focused on giving real players the ultimate live gaming experience.

So, the idea behind the Skill Score is no surprise—it helps players keep track of their gaming, their wins and their losses to give them real time data on their gaming experience and the casino games that they’re playing.

Players have the opportunity to track their progress and also compare these results with other players. This data aims to help players improve and become better at playing live casino games. Unfortunately, they haven’t developed this feature for online slots yet. All the information collected will be based on data gathered from Evolution Gaming’s live casino games.

The feature measures two important factors in a player’s gaming – the skill to win big and to keep winning over time. Codeta Casino have named these two factors, big wins and dedicated wins, respectively. If you can compare yourself to other players in real time, you’ll be able to learn from their gameplay, as well as your own, how you can improve your gaming skills and strategy.

The dedicated wins feature will present your ratio between wins and losses. The big wins feature looks at the result of earned payout-ratios. Only data from live games will be measured and your score will become active after you’ve gone through a minimum of 30 rounds and won at least one game.

Codeta’s First Skill Score Tournament

For the product launch of the Skills Score feature, Codeta have decided to put together a tournament for their players with €2500 prize pot up for grabs. This exciting competition will begin May 20th
10 skilled Live Casino players will fight for their share of the €2500 pot. The prizes will be divided based on their skill and their scores. based on their scores. Cash Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st place – €625
2nd place – €500
3rd place – €375
4th place – €250
5th place – €200
6th place – €175
7th place – €150
8th place – €100
9th place – €75
10th place – €50