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Canadian Online Payment Methods for Casino

While online casino is for the most part, perfectly legal in Canada, Canadians still encounter problems finding payment methods to play their favourite online casino games.

Issues with Canadian Online Casino Payment Methods

Firstly, online casino laws differ from state to state although most Canadian provinces have pretty lenient online casino laws. The biggest problem Canadians face is certain banks not allowing them to process online casino payments. If the banks are based in Canada, there shouldn’t be a problem, but if the bank is based in the U.S. where online gambling is illegal, you could run into problems using your debit or credit card. This is why digital payment solutions are extremely popular in Canada.

New Canadian Online Payment Method

A brand-new payment method has been introduced to the Canadian market called Interac. This is yet another online payment method that allows Canadians to transfer money from their bank account. Players can upload funds to their online casino account as long as they have sufficient funds in their bank account. Interac only works with Canadian banks. With many US payment solutions unable to legally transfer payments to online casinos, even outside their jurisdiction, it’s great to see a Canadian-focused payment solution that allows legitimate transactions with the legal online casino Canadian industry.

Interac Fees

Interac doesn’t directly charge for their services, but your Canadian bank might charge you a fee. The best thing about suing Interac is the ease of withdrawals. You can withdraw cash from ATMs, you might be charged a nominal fee for using your ATM, but it’s still very convenient.

Pros and Cons of Using Interac


• You can conduct your online casino transactions in Canadian dollars.
• Their service is extremely fast; you’ll have access to your funds almost instantly.
• There’s no need to create a third-party account; this means you don’t have to share any sensitive information.
• Top-class security


• Only used by Canadian players.
• Financial Institutions can set their fees for using Interac.


There are some reasons Interac is such a popular payment method for Canadian players. They need to know that the payment methods they choose are fast, secure and legal. It has also become extremely popular among virtual gamblers who want to boost their gaming balances and enjoy their favourite games as soon as they make a deposit and collect their casino welcome bonuses.