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Cash Splash the First Slot Game Ever Launched by Microgaming 

The Biggest Ever Online Casino Win

The year was 2009, the same year that Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States. Microgaming announced their biggest ever online casino win through the progressive slot Mega Moolah. The winner walked away with over six million dollars against his bet of only twenty five pennies. Soon other jackpots ensued, and in 2015 Mega Moolah did it again with a payout of nearly eighteen million Pounds to a resident of the United Kingdom. He is the record holder for the largest jackpot online slot payout to date.

The First Ever Game Created By Microgaming

Cash Splash Microgaming

Back in the day when Microgaming made their debut launch in the casino world, they created their first ever slot game called Cash Splash, a game which would change the industry forever. Suddenly the progressive jackpot was created, whereby a portion of every spin would be placed into a pooled jackpot. The industry was euphoric, and this little piece of innovation allowed Microgaming to secure some of the largest gaming clients on the planet.

Cashsplash, The Game That Changed The Industry

The first ever game introduced into the world of online gambling is still being enjoyed by many today. A very popular game that continues to fascinate players because of its great pays. Last year, Cash Splash awarded one hundred and eighty two people the progressive jackpot. The average payout per winner was around the twenty five thousand mark, or a whopping nearly five million Euros. If you ever played this slot game, you will agree that it is impressive! Such was the success of the first instalment that Microgaming recently released their sequel Cash Splash five Reel. The older three reel Cash Splash takes you back to the golden age of slots while the newer version is bigger boasting plenty of new features to get the cash rolling in. For those who have enjoyed playing the three reel version, the five reel machine looks similar in colour and design, but unlike the three reel version, this version has music that plays in the background. The classic three reel slot pays the jackpot with three Cash Splash reel symbols spinning onto its single pay line whereas the five reel, fifteen pay line video slot version pays the progressive jackpot with five wilds on the fifteenth reel. Both machines are linked together throughout the entire Microgaming network making the progressive jackpot accessible from anywhere.

The Cash Splash logo is the Wild symbol which acts as a Joker on the reels. This means that it only needs two of a kind to make a win. The blue and red scatter symbols will award you a two hundred and fifty multiplier on your initial bet.

One final thing worth knowing if you are unsure as to which of the two Cash Splash slots you should play, the three reel version of the slot has a payout percentage of 91.51 percent. The five reel machine has a payout percentage of a slightly lower 91.47 percent.