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Canadian Gaming Summit Focuses on Online Gaming and Technology

Canadian Gaming Summit Focuses on Online Gaming and Technology

It used to be the case the betting was a vintage sport: old men put peaks on their heads and dealt cards around a table. But, today’s driving force, especially in the world of online gaming, is technology, and that was the focus of this years’ Canadian Gaming Summit held in Niagara Falls in July.
Today’s companies don’t focus just on sports betting or land-based casinos. Instead, they’re looking at both a local and global focus, along with technological innovations that all making casino gaming faster and more thrilling.

Online Casinos and This Year’s Emphasis

Previously, the conference focused on technological advances and the importance of operators to stay up to date with the latest lotteries, gaming regulations, compliance with state and federal laws, charitable gaming, First Nations gaming institutions and casino operators in Canada and overseas.
The spotlight this year, though, was centred on how important technology is to secure online and land-based casino games, as well as the trials seen by companies when they need to adapt to new technology.

What’s New on the Market?

There are a number of new technologies that can benefit the gaming industry. While it is certainly easier to update casinos for new technologies, like mobile and online gaming, it’s a little harder to upgrade security to ensure that the gaming platform is secure no matter what.
At the Summit, presentations were given on voice commands in security. A number of land-based casinos have already started experimenting with voice-command technology, like placing Amazon Echoes in hotel rooms as a security feature.
Further, discussions were held about blockchain technology and how useful it is proving the casino world. Blockchain technology is now available at several online casinos around the globe, as well as on casino floors, allowing players to deposit, withdraw and bet faster and with fewer fees, adding an extra layer of security to transactions.
It was discussed that land-based casinos should take care if they implement blockchain technology to ensure the same level or better level of security in electronic transfers and hand-to-hand transfers. What’s more, there is still a problem with the regulation of taxes and how they can be taken out of electronic winnings if crypto is used.
One final demonstration that was made at the Summit centred around the use of robotics, both as overhead for security and hospitality, and on the casino floors for security. Going forward, casinos may be able to tell which guests need more chips or refreshments via robot observation.
Robots will further add another layer of security unobtrusively. For instance, players may want to cheat at a card game but stop when they see a security guard. But, a robot blends in with fixtures and can catch underhanded players in the act.
While the Summit proved insightful, Canadian players can still enjoy a fully array of safe, secure and fair online casino games from the comfort of their homes. Whether you prefer blackjack or keno, or even the slots, there is plenty of fun to be had.