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New Online Slots Offering from NetEnt Sure to Be a Hit

In July, NetEnt announced it will be adding a new online slots range to its products with the launch of its MAX slot line. This innovative concept caters to different player groups and their preferences, and also allows online casino operators to address different needs with just one game launch and a marketing push.

What Are MAX Online Slots?

MAX games are set to be released in a bespoke double game release for both casual players and MAX players. MAX players are those online gamers what want to play games with high win potential. The unique MAX games share similar RTP percentages and NetEnt game mechanics just like their regular version variants.
NetEnt recently debuted its very first MAX double release, titled BerryBurst and BerryBurst MAX, and have assured operators that games with proven game mechanics will be placed into multiple verticals of their portfolio with just one single, multi-targeted and cost-effective marketing promotion.
This means that casino operators can now cater to the preferences of both their casual players and those who chase after sizeable wins. This, in turn, is sure to increase acquisition opportunities and deepen and broaden portfolios further.
NetEnt’s CPO, Henrik Fagerlund has said that it is important for the business to diversify the volatility in its games since its partners are demanding more and more flexible games that cater to the needs of different players.
NetEnt is reportedly sure that the MAX releases will add an extra dimension to its already massively popular portfolio of games while also increasing the standard of gameplay experience for players who enjoy online slots and the exciting bonuses and jackpots they offer.

NetEnt On a Roll This Year

Meanwhile, one very lucky player in Finland scooped an amazing payout of almost 2,70 million Euros from a mobile Netent slot. The player wagered just 2 Euros to hit the jackpot.
This is already the third big payout from NetEnt this month, with recent jackpots of 1,4 million Euros and 4,25 million Euros paid out to online casino players via the company’s Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune Dreams online slots. That means that NetEnt has paid out eight seven-figure prizes in 2018 already.
Best of all, the lucky Finnish player also gets another 350,000 Euros thanks to NetEnt’s Mega Million campaign. The campaign awards the additional sum of money to the winner of the Mega Fortune or Hall of Gods mega jackpot (the player won on Hall of Gods).
The campaign further offered NetEnt players the chance with a wonderful 3,800 Euros every day a match was played during this year’s FIFA World Cup.
Fagerlund told press that this is yet another example of how the company’s games can change player’s lifes, and we’re sure we will see many more wins with NetEnt’s all-new MAX offering.
The company has had three seven-figure jackpot wins in July alone, so who knows what the rest of 2018 holds.