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Live Dealer Live Dealer

The growing availability of live dealer games has catapulted online casino gaming to even greater heights. Live dealer games are online casino games with real-life dealers who interact with players and deal the cards via live video streaming. This has made online casinos more approachable and social. One area that will always be in competition between online and land-based casinos, is specifically the ability for players to be more social.

Live dealer bridges the gap between the excitement of your brick and mortar as well as providing players with all the other perks that come along with online gaming.

How live dealer games work?

Your average live dealer game will capture all the same magic as any game in a bricks and mortar casino. From a player’s viewpoint, all of the regular functions and features work via an interface that has your table layout, chips and the buttons with which to place your bets as well as take other actions that form part of the game.

Almost every virtual dealer game allows you to have interactions with the dealer and ask questions. However, the area where the live dealer is is where all the action is. A real croupier will manage the game you’re playing, just as a dealer would in a standard land-based casino.

The dealer is able to decipher every action you take or request and will react accordingly before your very eyes. Canadian players can have real-life interactions without ever needing to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Real-time Gameplay

Numerous factors make live dealer such a big hit amongst its fans. Several Kiwi online casino players love that the game uses actual gambling equipment instead of the random number generator. We have to remind Canadian residents that RNG-Based games also provide random results that are fair.

One of the greatest advantages of real-life dealer games is that they add a more social element to the gameplay that online casinos seem to be missing. Nearly all virtual live dealer games like roulette, Texas Hold’Em, Baccarat, and Blackjack allow you the opportunity to interact with the dealer by chatting or asking questions.

Important factors to consider

Even though Live Dealer casino action is a ton of fun, you have to bear in mind that certain aspects are different to what you may expect.

For example, the pace at which you would play may be a little slower than your normal online casino game. You have to wait for the dealer to deal out the cards or spin the wheel and so forth. There aren’t any options to make the game go faster. However, there are players who would prefer to play at a more relaxed pace. Certain people may, however, find it a bit too slow.

Also, another factor is that your betting limits aren’t as low as at a normal online casino. Live Games are more costly to run so it doesn’t make any sense to play small bets on them. In other words, expect to spend some serious money in order to play a good table or gaming session.

And last but not least, Live Casino games work on video streaming, so you require a decent broadband internet connection in order to play. Video streaming is necessary for these games to function. This may not be a major problem for most people, however, it is something to note if your internet connection tends to be slow.

Live Dealer FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions our we get about Live Dealer games, so you can get all the information you need before you get started. Most of the casino games that you love will be available on Live Dealer like; Roulette, Blackjack, Texas Hold’Em and Baccarat.

What are the more popular games?

Amongst the most popular Live Dealer games are Roulette and Blackjack for a number of reasons but basically, it is because of how easy it is to play these two games. Both games are simple to learn and works well for beginners as they can quickly catch the main elements of the game. One of the other reasons for playing simple games like roulette or blackjack is that the house edge is small. This means that players get more value for money. You can spend hours of great interactive entertainment for a reasonable amount of money.

Is there specific software required to play?

There is no separate casino software that is required to play Live Dealer games. The casino software already comes equipped with live casinos as part of their standard casino lobby. All that is required of you is to click on Live Casino and have access to your favorite games.

Do Live Dealer games come in a demo format?

Most online casinos provide players with the chance to test out their live games for free, although this isn’t available everywhere. But generally, you’re able to get a general feel for the Live Dealer games before spending any real money.

Can Live Dealer games be rigged?

All games go through rigorous testing by independent bodies to ensure that online casinos provide fair gaming. The same holds true for Live Dealer games run by reputable online casinos. You should be able to see the accreditation on the casino’s website if they’re an honest and transparent casino brand.

Do I have access to Live Dealer games on a tablet or mobile?

With the ever-growing mobile industry and its sophisticated interface, many casinos have brought Live Dealer games onto their mobile platforms. Numerous popular online casinos provide mobile compatible Live Dealers offerings. Bear in mind the size of your device’s screen plays a major role in your mobile gaming experience.

Is fast internet required?

Because Live Dealer gaming requires video streaming, it’s important to have a reasonably fast internet connection. This ensures you don’t get frustrated with bad quality video or lagging.