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Online Slots

Online SlotsOnline Slot games are by far the most popular games played at online casinos, and it is easy to see why. Slot games are very simple to play, and the logic behind all the games is pretty much the same. Once you enter almost any online casino, you can access hundreds of different slots with just a few clicks of the mouse, or a few taps on your phone’s touchscreen.

Even though slot games function the same way with each other, the diversity and most importantly, the fun, comes from the different themes.

Online Slots Games

A slot game usually starts with a graphically interesting intro that introduces you to the story behind the game. If you are playing ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, you will get to follow Jack’s journey from his home village, up the beanstalk, all the way to the giant’s house. Oftentimes the game intro also displays a villain of some kind that might come and steal your points while playing the slot or leaves the story open for you to use your imagination while you play.

You of course always have the choice to skip the intro altogether and start playing the game straight away. We at Canadacasino.reviews know that there are two types of you slot game players out there: the artistic type that wants to take in the graphics, colours, and ambiance of the game and the money-making type that just wants to start wagering. The great news we have for you is that both types enjoy slot games just as much!

Playing Online Slots

Once the game starts, you will hear music, whistles, comments, animal sounds- depending on the slot game you have chosen to play. Games also differ from each other with the layout, backdrop, and to tell you the truth: the likelihood for you to win.

There are slot games that are hugely popular, and where players regularly win small to regular amounts. These games would include for instance Starburst, Princess Koi and Gonzo’s Quest. With these games, you can wager relatively small amounts and yet win at considerably many rounds.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Then there are the Progressive Jackpot slot games. Even if you have never heard of Progressive Jackpot slot games before, you can probably deduce something based on the name. You deduced correctly; here is where the big money lies. With Progressive Jackpot slots one would not be likely to win many times in a row, or necessarily on the first try, but once you hit that correct combination and take home the jackpot- we can talk about millions of dollars.

Progressive Jackpot games collect a certain percentage of all played rounds that did not win and add them to the constantly growing jackpot. These games are for the players that wish to get their hand on some hardcore winnings. Maybe the money maker- type reading this would be interested?

Benefits of playing slots online

Even though the ultimate goal of playing online slot games is to bring home some winnings, the most important thing always should be to have fun with them. Most of the players we speak with, wish to switch off after a day in the office, and playing slot games might just be the way to take the edge off. At online casino, you choose the games you play, and you play them at your own pace. There is no need to use the elbow tactic to get to your favorite slot machine- at online casinos, there are no queues or crowds.

 Playing Online Slots for free

Many casinos have a ‘play for free’ option, which allows you to play different slot games without making a deposit. This is a good way to get yourself familiar with the game and to see if you like it. After, if you wish to have the chance to win cash, you can deposit, place a bet and start playing for real. A rule of thumb is that the smaller bets you place, the smaller winning you will get, but in reality, there are many exceptions to this rule. There have been players that have won considerable amounts with the minimum bet.

Ramdomness in slot games

Slot games use a machine called RNG (Random Numbers Generator). All the reputable online casinos have had their games and RNG tested by an official third party, and they also add details of this on their website. RNG ensures that the game is fair, and as the name of the machine indicates, random. Slot games are completely based on luck, each round being an individual event whose result cannot be foreseen.

Have fun playing slots online

There are some slot game players that simply seem to have better luck than others. We here at Canadacasino.reviews don’t think that there are Gladstone Ganders and Donald Ducks in real life; we simply believe there are players that know when to take a break from playing and the ones that don’t. Bear in mind that as soon as playing online becomes unpleasant to you, or you are losing money that you desperately need- you need to stop. Online gaming is all about good fun.

We encourage you to try different online slots, and we wish you the best of luck! Remember to turn into entertainment mood and have fun!