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Is TV Casino the Hottest Live Casino Craze?

Say Hello to the Newest Craze – TV Casino!

TV casino is another format that’s changing the ever-dynamic online casino industry. Smart TVs have opened another way for people to connect with casino playing in a more integrated manner. TV casino games aren’t exactly new, they’ve been around for a decade now, but Live Casino has made playing TV casino even more relevant. We predict this is a trend that will gain even more traction in 2018 and beyond.

TV Casinos—How do they Work?

In theory, TV casino works similarly to live dealer games. But these games are broadcast live over a TV network, meaning they’ll reach a wider audience. Live dealer games are broadcast directly through online casino sites too much smaller audiences.

Originally, TV casino games were shown over large channels, but now they can be broadcast on internet channels or even from the casinos themselves. Playing casino internet channels can allow players to play shift multiple games.

TV table games lend to that glamorous, real-casino feel with entertaining croupiers in exciting surroundings. These games can be broadcast from purpose-built casino studios or even from actual land-based casinos making the games even more authentic for players.

Games available on TV

Much like live casino, TV casino games tend to be table games. Games like roulette and blackjack are easy to broadcast with one croupier running the entire game but the games can be played by multiple players across many channels. TV casinos also give players the opportunity to experience the action without playing the actual game; they can even place bets on the players.

The Social aspect of both TV Casino and Live Casino

TV casinos make for an even more interactive experience; players feel like they’re part of something bigger and not just playing a game against a computer. Communicating with both the dealer and other players via Live Chat makes casino games much more exciting. This growing trend of interactive gaming is predicted to capture the imaginations of younger players who are more predisposed to video games.


The growing popularity of online broadcasting platforms like Twitch.tv are opening up even more popular online casino games to fans. There are plenty of games players can access—the platform primarily focuses on live streaming video games, as well as eSports competitions but there’s a growing market for people viewing online slot games. It’s a visual way to learn how to play a game and also to see what features a particular slot game has. The site’s content can either be viewed live or via video on demand.

Live Casino TV - Twitch

Choosing a Smart TV

The TV you choose to play casino on makes a big difference to your Live TV playing experience. It has an impact on the look and feel of the game. We’ve taken a look at some of the best Smart TVs that you can play Live Casino on. We like the Panasonic VT50 (Plasma), the Sharp Elite PRO (LED) and the Sony XBR (LED-LCD). If you want to play blackjack or live dealer roulette on your TV, it’s a good idea to invest in a piece of hardware that will showcase the software and games at their best. You can easily connect your TV to your casino account using any of the TVs we’ve recommended.