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NetEnt Launches Live Online Casino Roulette Game

NetEnt Launches Live Online Casino Roulette Game

The football tournament of the year is upon us and NetEnt is getting in on the action with its latest offering, online live casino roulette which comes on the back of the software developer’s World Cup Free Round Widget.

NetEnt’s latest offering, Live Sports Roulette is all set to be launched on June 14 and will be made available to players throughout the World Cup.

Online Live Casino Fun for All

The live football experience is reportedly designed to allow players to keep up with real-time updates and scores while enjoying their favourite online casino game. As you play, you can look forward to Dealers commenting on the World Cup games and competition as a whole, complete with live sports feed that will show you a summary of scheduled games, group tables and even up-to-the-minute game statistics.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette will be made accessible on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing players around the globe to closely follow the action as and when it happens.

There’s A New Promotion on the Way, Too

What’s more, during the World Cup tournament, the favoured online casino software developer will be accompanying the live dealer roulette alongside a brand-new promotion dubbed Goal Smash Roulette. This exciting competition comprises two parts, including daily giveaways and seriously enticing prize draws with a total prize pool of more than 70,000 Euros.

NetEnt’s chief product officer, Henrik Fagerlund, has been reported as saying that the company’s live sports roulette offering is set to be a genuinely immersive football experience, allowing online casino players to enjoy all the action of both the sport and the live games. With the World Cup upon us, it seems to be a perfect time, according to Fagerlund, to launch Goal Smash Roulette, giving valued players fantastic chances to win prizes daily while keeping on top of the football action.

Both the Goal Smash Roulette and its Live Sports counterpart are to be made available to all online casino operators on an opt-in basis during the football tournament and both are integrated seamlessly for NetEnt Live customers.

Once the World Cup comes to an end, the technology will continue to be available for roulette as well as any kind of event. Online casino operators will have the chance to include live roulette in their game stream which means they can look forward to a greater chance of engaging any target group by displaying contests, tournaments, events and the like.

Goal Smash Roulette, according to the software developer, will run for an exclusive period between midnight on June 14, 2018 until 23:59 on July 15.

Will You Be Playing?

Roulette has long been a favoured online casino game the world over. Thanks to incredible advances in technology, now you can play with live dealers and enjoy all the interaction and thrills of a brick-and-mortar casino right from the comfort of your home or in the palm of your hand.

Will you be playing live roulette during the World Cup?