New Online Slots Offering from NetEnt Sure to Be a Hit

In July, NetEnt announced it will be adding a new online slots range to its products with the launch of its MAX slot line. This innovative concept caters to different player groups and their preferences, and also allows online casino operators to address different needs with just one game launch and a marketing push.

What Are MAX Online Slots?

MAX games are set to be released in a bespoke double game release for both casual players and MAX players. MAX players are those online gamers what want to play games with high win potential. The unique MAX games share similar RTP percentages and NetEnt game mechanics just like their regular version variants.
NetEnt recently debuted its very first MAX double release, titled BerryBurst and BerryBurst MAX, and have assured operators that games with proven game mechanics will be placed into multiple verticals of their portfolio with just one single, multi-targeted and cost-effective marketing promotion.
This means that casino operators can now cater to the preferences of both their casual players and those who chase after sizeable wins. This, in turn, is sure to increase acquisition opportunities and deepen and broaden portfolios further.
NetEnt’s CPO, Henrik Fagerlund has said that it is important for the business to diversify the volatility in its games since its partners are demanding more and more flexible games that cater to the needs of different players.
NetEnt is reportedly sure that the MAX releases will add an extra dimension to its already massively popular portfolio of games while also increasing the standard of gameplay experience for players who enjoy online slots and the exciting bonuses and jackpots they offer.

NetEnt On a Roll This Year

Meanwhile, one very lucky player in Finland scooped an amazing payout of almost 2,70 million Euros from a mobile Netent slot. The player wagered just 2 Euros to hit the jackpot.
This is already the third big payout from NetEnt this month, with recent jackpots of 1,4 million Euros and 4,25 million Euros paid out to online casino players via the company’s Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune Dreams online slots. That means that NetEnt has paid out eight seven-figure prizes in 2018 already.
Best of all, the lucky Finnish player also gets another 350,000 Euros thanks to NetEnt’s Mega Million campaign. The campaign awards the additional sum of money to the winner of the Mega Fortune or Hall of Gods mega jackpot (the player won on Hall of Gods).
The campaign further offered NetEnt players the chance with a wonderful 3,800 Euros every day a match was played during this year’s FIFA World Cup.
Fagerlund told press that this is yet another example of how the company’s games can change player’s lifes, and we’re sure we will see many more wins with NetEnt’s all-new MAX offering.
The company has had three seven-figure jackpot wins in July alone, so who knows what the rest of 2018 holds.

Live Dealer Casino Games Are the Best of Both Worlds


The world of casino entertainment has changed significantly since the days of unreliable croupiers, dealers, boot-leg backroom action and one arm bandits. There was a time when even the tables were rigged to the advantage of the house and disadvantage of the players, which is just difficult to get your head around, isn’t it?
Different markets have different gaming preferences, with some going as far as to turn to specialty games complete with incredible effects, designs and themes. No matter what players might prefer, there are some big variants in games, too, which do make a difference to gameplay. For instance, from land-based roulette, baccarat, poker and blackjack to online software versions of the game, all the way to live dealer casino games, there is a constant shift and transformation. This isn’t to say that the rules of the games change, just the format.

The Pros of Live Dealer Casino Games

There are plenty of perks to participating in live dealer games at online casinos. After all, they successfully combine the best of both world. They offer the interactivity of a land-based casino while still being online games, with all the ease of access and convenience playing online brings.
Another benefit of live dealer games is the trustworthiness of game flow. Now you can interact with a real live dealer who is based in a casino setting and is brought to you courtesy of advanced live streaming equipment. This means there are genuine decks of cards in play and both dealers and players get to participate in real-time action.
When we consider all the benefits of this exciting online casino invention, we can see just why live dealer games have soared in popularity of late. There are, however, a few downfalls to be aware of. For example, live dealer games do require greater bandwidth capacity and they may exhaust more data than regular video slots or animated table games.
While live dealer games may be available on some mobile casino versions, they are easier to access and smoother to stream on a laptop or desktop computer. This, along with the fact that the way games are accessed through the casino’s Instant Play platform, may put mobile gamers off. But, if you’re looking for some new thrills and want to take your gaming experience to the next level, live dealer games are well worth trying.

Are Live Dealer Games Right for You?

All in all, it comes down to your online casino gaming preferences. Players always choose the most suitable games for them and their budgets. As long as there is great entertainment and the chance to win some exciting jackpots, there’s little chance of having a negative online gaming experience, anyway, regardless of whether you play via live dealer or software-run games.
With swift advancements in technology, we are sure to see live dealer games taken to new levels in the years ahead, and we cannot wait to see what the industry has in store for us.

The Rise of Kahnawake Online Casinos in Canada

Canada has a wide variety of casinos, from those that benefit the country to those the benefit the First Nations, there are plenty of ways to play your favourite casino games in Canada. While some are land-based with traditional games like craps, poker and slot machines, one successful company has managed to combine the beauty of Quebec’s natural tourist attractions with the thrill on online games at small casinos, and Kahnawake online casinos are soaring in popularity.

What Are the Kahnawake Online Casinos All About?

The casinos run by Kahnawake are small and offer a great variety of food and drinks as well as venues that allow players to enjoy the stunning scenery around Quebec. These aren’t your typical loud, smoke-filled casinos, but rather somewhere to relax and soak up the atmosphere.
With the online casinos, players can pick to play either on the floor or in the privacy of their rooms. Online slot machines have proved to be especially popular with players.
In addition, Kahnawake has been given license by all the Canadian provinces to market its bespoke brand of boutique gaming, tourist attractions and online casinos.
While Canadian law isn’t as clear as other countries when it comes to online casino payouts, players can wager real cash on lottery games, slot machines and card games online.
Another reason Kahnawake games are popular is the variety of online games available. The company has seen players get bored with the same games and continue to find newer and more exciting casino games to create the most immersive and entertaining online gaming experience.

Where to for Kahnawake?

Since Kahnawake is a First Nations company, those businesses that would like to offer online gaming must be located in the business’ territory, which is Quebec. The company has operated on its exceptional attention to details and holds all its licensees to the highest standards of service. The brand has an excellent reputation for transparency and immediate payouts.
The company is said to be considering further online gaming ventures, especially with more tourist tie-ins, which are sure to benefit the area. In fact, it would bring both tourists and revenue to Quebec. What’s more, the brand is looking towards the future of online casino gaming, which could include gaming in several categories.
For instance, the business is considering gaming for eSports, which means it may open up for sports betting online for those sports played by teams of gamers. eSports is becoming increasing popular amongst gamers and spectators for eSports tournaments have reportedly hit the tens of thousands, which means revenue could reach the millions.
What’s more, Kahnawake is reportedly hoping to add single sports betting to its portfolio of online gaming, In Canada, single sports betting is currently prohibited. To bet on sports, gamers must bet on multiple games or a single game over multiple days.
Legislators continue to fight for Canada to allow single-player betting and if Kahnawake can convince government to branch out, the company’s looking at a bright future. For now, players can continue to enjoy online casino games and the amazing jackpots that come with them.

The Online Casino Industry and Crypto – The Perfect Marriage?

Blockchain technology has taken the world by storm. It’s revolutionised traditional financial systems and enabled instant, anonymous transactions, forcing us to rethink our views on money. If there’s one similar industry that gets us thinking, it has to be the online casino industry.
Like cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the casino industry has soared in popularity and, dare we say, altered the way the industry operates in terms of form, function and accessibility.
So, picture this: the merging of crypto and online casinos to create the most modern and convenient casino experience around. Just imagine being able to wager, deposit and withdraw ultra-quickly. It means you can enjoy your favourite slots, roulette, and Live Dealer games quicker and more conveniently.

Blockchain Technology and Implications in the Online Casino Industry

If you’ve been following the rapid developments in blockchain technology, you’ll know that it has several applications beyond those we understand. Each blockchain represents an online ledger entry, or a virtual record of transactions that take place online. It is tamperproof and ironclad in its integrity.
So, it’s hardly a surprise that this incredible technology is being put to good use in all kinds of exciting ways. It’s already been used to support and enable reams upon reams of smart contracts, attempts at information dissemination and digital currency transfers, so it is little wonder that the online casino world has decided to sit up and take notice of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
In fact, there are already plenty of online casinos accepting crypto such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Located around to globe from Canada to the UK, these online casinos had implemented a decentralised payment system to do away with expensive transaction fees and bring greater value to players.

Just How Are Online Casinos Benefitting with Crypto Transactions?

One of the key drivers behind the rising number of online casino operators adopting blockchain is the massive potential of the technology. Not only is it capable of reducing transaction fees, but it can also create transparent and fair gaming to ensure complete fairness. It’s also a great way to get new players to sign up.
Take the example of the guy who gambled at one particular online casino. The site he used prides itself on recognising what players want and giving it to them. Offering a variety of banking options for those who enjoy casino games, there are hundreds of great options, along with the chance to deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency.
This means that our player can enjoy an array of boons he might not find elsewhere, like improved transactions, increased choice, reduced fees, greater security and stunning bonuses.
When we think of it like that, it’s easy to see that online casinos and crypto are the perfect marriage. It’s the blending of two dynamic markets who share a passion for innovation and improvement to make their sectors safer than ever before.
Have you used cryptocurrencies at an online casino yet?

Canadian Gaming Summit Focuses on Online Gaming and Technology

It used to be the case the betting was a vintage sport: old men put peaks on their heads and dealt cards around a table. But, today’s driving force, especially in the world of online gaming, is technology, and that was the focus of this years’ Canadian Gaming Summit held in Niagara Falls in July.
Today’s companies don’t focus just on sports betting or land-based casinos. Instead, they’re looking at both a local and global focus, along with technological innovations that all making casino gaming faster and more thrilling.

Online Casinos and This Year’s Emphasis

Previously, the conference focused on technological advances and the importance of operators to stay up to date with the latest lotteries, gaming regulations, compliance with state and federal laws, charitable gaming, First Nations gaming institutions and casino operators in Canada and overseas.
The spotlight this year, though, was centred on how important technology is to secure online and land-based casino games, as well as the trials seen by companies when they need to adapt to new technology.

What’s New on the Market?

There are a number of new technologies that can benefit the gaming industry. While it is certainly easier to update casinos for new technologies, like mobile and online gaming, it’s a little harder to upgrade security to ensure that the gaming platform is secure no matter what.
At the Summit, presentations were given on voice commands in security. A number of land-based casinos have already started experimenting with voice-command technology, like placing Amazon Echoes in hotel rooms as a security feature.
Further, discussions were held about blockchain technology and how useful it is proving the casino world. Blockchain technology is now available at several online casinos around the globe, as well as on casino floors, allowing players to deposit, withdraw and bet faster and with fewer fees, adding an extra layer of security to transactions.
It was discussed that land-based casinos should take care if they implement blockchain technology to ensure the same level or better level of security in electronic transfers and hand-to-hand transfers. What’s more, there is still a problem with the regulation of taxes and how they can be taken out of electronic winnings if crypto is used.
One final demonstration that was made at the Summit centred around the use of robotics, both as overhead for security and hospitality, and on the casino floors for security. Going forward, casinos may be able to tell which guests need more chips or refreshments via robot observation.
Robots will further add another layer of security unobtrusively. For instance, players may want to cheat at a card game but stop when they see a security guard. But, a robot blends in with fixtures and can catch underhanded players in the act.
While the Summit proved insightful, Canadian players can still enjoy a fully array of safe, secure and fair online casino games from the comfort of their homes. Whether you prefer blackjack or keno, or even the slots, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Canada Behind on Online Casino Scene

Recently, the US Supreme Court gave an order that is paving the way for the legalisation of sports betting in the country, which has left many observers keeping an eye on Canada’s online casinos and gaming scene. However, indications so far suggest that Canada’s arena is going in the opposite direction. Last year alone, Canada’s casino industry created a staggering income of $17,3 billion and it is expected to be even higher this year.

Canada and Online Casinos

At the moment, legislation dictates that it is legal to play at online casinos in Canada, provided the casino operator or poker site is not based in the country. Provincial casinos, of course, have been finding this difficult to deal with.
Lawmakers are concerned with this, since online gaming can result in revenue loss for the state. Back in 2016, Bill 74 was passed by the Quebec legislature which included, amongst other things, a provision to force Internet Service Providers to block all foreign online casino operators.
Quebec’s provincial gaming body, Loto-Quebec, operates an online casino called To play, you must live in Quebec. The casino’s profits go straight to provincial government, too. Up until Bill 74 came into effect, Loto-Quebec reported that it was taking too much of a cut, which meant that their Return to Player was lower than their international competitor’s. The brand was unable to grow fast enough to be sustainable as players had easy options to play online with better chances of winning.
Since the Bill was passed, the online casino has increased its Return to Player and is, as a result, not meeting its profit goals as margins are tightened. International competition is fierce, and the bigger online casinos have massive revenues, enabling them to offer hugely enticing welcome bonuses and RTPs.
Quebec’s solution was to introduce Bill 74, eliminating competition by blocking international operators.

How Does Bill 74 Work?

In terms of the legislation, Loto-Quebec must provide a list of some 2,000 online casino websites that the provinces’ Internet Service Providers should block. They are also compelled to offer a tender to foreign operators to partner with EspaceJeux where players will be directed to these casinos, yet Loto-Quebec will retain all customer information as well as a cut of revenue.
The law has given an ample amount of time to set up the necessary framework to accomplish all of this. Other online casinos, meanwhile, will be blocked in the province.

What Happens If It All Goes to Plan?

Should there be a ruling in favour of the Bill, it is set to be the first case that would allow Canada’s provincial governments to restrict what residents can view online. The immediate result, of course, would be that residents in Quebec wouldn’t be able to play at international online casinos.
There’s no denying that the implications are far-reaching, and it opens the door for similar laws to prohibit other facets of what should be a free internet, as well for other provinces to follow suit.
Sadly, it could see Canada go from a popular online casino market to a highly restrictive one. We just hope the powers-that-be have been following the success of new legislation in Sweden and that you will get to continue enjoying your online blackjack, slots and other games.

Coins Of Fortune

Five by three reels and twenty lines, it has a neon-futuristic theme with an Asian feel. Bright fluoro colours and retro-futuristic scenes will take the gambler to the fast-paced inner-city streets of Shanghai, Tokyo and Beijing. With some spectacular games already in the casinos by this new gaming company, voyaging to the Orient is a first for NoLimit City. Coins of Fortune has many features that will keep the gamer riveted. There are stacked symbols of the Dragon Nudge and Lucky Respins which will award up to a ten times multiplier. The slot is designed for players that like their games fast and enjoy multiple anticipations. There are also unlimited triggers, intertwined into each other for greater payouts. Coins of Fortune is available both on land-based casinos and online and is fully optimised for both desktop and mobile platforms.


Another offering by NoLimit City, is Oktoberfest, a slot machine game inspired by the world’s greatest beer festival. With five transparent reels and twenty paylines the game is authentic pretzels and German beer. Oktoberfest has four different Wild symbols: Regular Wild, Prost Wild, Gretchen & Hansi Wild. In the main game, if Gretchen and Hansi Wilds land on reels two and four, the Prost spins are triggered. The symbol of the beer mug will activate the free spins and for this the player will get ten Bierspins multipliers from one to fifteen times. For the big wins, this game gives players two ways to get those payouts. In the big line wins, wild horses substitute for waitresses and men. Five horses in a line will award you an incredible five thousand coins. During the bonus round, click on the barrels to reveal multipliers and win two thousand and seven hundred coins when you collect the barrel.

Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania

Inspired by an Avant-garde Japanese kitchen this slot game is a manga-style game, a nineteenth-century Japanese comic style. Even if you are not a fan of this style, the big eyes and cute characters will change your mind. Kitchen Drama Sushi Mania takes place in a famous Japanese restaurant where the kitchen is the backdrop and sushi is the authentic Japanese phenomenon. This game has been developed to fit smoothly on desktop, mobile phones and tablets. There are very few command buttons to make game play easier and smoother. Five reels and twenty paylines, it is a low stake machine and you can bet small amounts. There are Wilds, Scatters, respins, free spins and thematic bonuses. Symbols are different products used in a traditional Japanese kitchen and some of the foods are still alive. There are two Wilds, both Jokers. They don’t form any combinations but rather replace other icons in necessary combinations. This game has no jackpot but features enough Bonus games to warrant some great time together. Wild Sushi Free Spins begin when the player sees winning combinations of three ingredients: rice, salmon and soy sauce

Exciting Times Ahead for Roulette Enthusiasts

Roulette, meaning little wheel in French, is a casino game that has been popular since eighteenth Century France. In this game players choose to place bets on a single number or groups of numbers. They can also choose from the colours red or black, odd or even numbers or place a bet on the low numbers, one to eighteen or high numbers nineteen to thirty-six. A croupier spins the wheel in one direction, then he or she drops the ball in the wheel in the opposite direction. When the ball loses momentum, it lands where it wants to.

Lightening Roulette

This is Roulette with a difference, but for seasoned Roulette players, nothing changes, all the usual Roulette bets are still in play. For some extra dimension, added features will enhance this popular form of gambling. With lightning Roulette, there are extra chances to win with lucky numbers and payouts. The setting is magnificent. Black and gold Art Deco adorns the wheels and lightning strikes create the right sort of excitement. In each game round, between one and five lucky people are dramatically “struck by lightning” and given multiple payouts of between fifty and a hundred times their original wager.

According to Todd Haushalter, CEO for Evolution, Lightning Roulette will without a doubt become very popular as everyone who has seen it was left speechless. Mr Haushalter continued to say that this product is one of the most complex ever undertaken. He confirmed that players will be struck by lightning and receive massive payouts. To do this they combined digital random number generators with the Live Roulette wheel, which has never been done before. Evolution will also premier its Salon Privé for it’s VIP clients, a luxurious way to play a collection of Roulette and Blackjack games.

Evolution dragon Tiger

Evolution Dragon Tiger is a distinctly different card game, yet simple. The environment is stunning and the light effects synchronised with game outcomes. Evolution Dragon Tiger is super fast and takes twenty five seconds to play. Just two competing cards are dealt, one to the Dragon and one to the Tiger, and players bet on which card will be the highest or if a tie will result. Kings are the highest card and Aces are the lowest. There’s no easier card game to play, but there’s enough so much to keep players engaged. Evolution Dragon Tiger can be played on all devices with the added option on a mobile phone to be played in portrait or landscape.

No Commission Baccarat

Baccarat is a very popular casino game and especially in Asia. It is a game with mystique unlike anything else you will find in the casino. While the betting and strategy are very straightforward, the actual gameplay elements can be a bit daunting. Baccarat is a card game with a dealer who deals the cards from an eight deck shoe. The object of the game is to determine whether the player or banker will win in each round. For players who have never played Baccarat before, this is an excellent opportunity to try it. Over the years Gaming companies and Casinos have tried to draw in the inexperienced player but haven’t been able to. No Commission Baccarat is another attempt at proving just how entertaining this game can be.

Regulated Markets

  • In Portugal, at the end of last year, a budget plan for 2018 was presented which included some amendments to the country’s online gambling laws. Of most concern was the legalisation and international liquidity for different iGaming and betting services. The Iberian Peninsula officially opened the gambling market for international operators two years ago. The market had been regulated a year before that. Earlier this year, Portugal entered into a shared online poker liquidity agreement with France and Italy.
  • In the USA, with only four states currently offering online gambling, there is still yet no national legislative framework and the way forward is unclear. Currently, online gambling is legal and regulated on a state level in New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada and Pennsylvania.
  • There are still many grey areas in developed countries regarding online gambling and still much work needs to be done in this regard. Countries like Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Brazil remain grey markets to date but there are changes on the way. The German Interstate Treaty on Gambling is due to come into force at the start of 2018. Netherlands and Sweden are also heading that way, possibly around early 2019.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

There are already casinos both land-based and online, that accept bitcoins as a payment method and then convert it to another currency for playing purposes. If confidence in cryptocurrencies increases throughout 2018, more and more casinos will accept this form of payment. In the near future, Bitcoin casinos could start using more of their Provably Fair games concept as well as a means of attracting players. Provably Fair requires a mechanism to allow players to confirm the fairness of the game.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that overlays a computer generated image to allow for a composite view for the player. Virtual reality is three dimensional and works through a computer generated simulation that a user can enter by using special gloves and a helmet

Virtual Reality technology in existing games has become more and more popular with new integrated graphics and better quality overall. For 2018, the gaming ecosystem will keep growing and become more innovative, adaptable and accessible. However, Virtual Reality is limited by its hardware and for this reason many players are considering Augmented Reality as it has no limitations and can even be used with a smartphone.

Gamification and Personalisation

The one area of online gaming that is currently in development is personalisation. Bonuses, rewards and specials tailor-made to the player’s preferences instead of generically. These offers have proved to be so successful that greater personalisation will likely become a standard feature at many online casinos.

Data Analytics

For a personalised customer experience, companies have been using big data analytics which is the process of examining large data. This is to determine patterns, correlations, market trends and other useful information. Innovative technology continues to be at the forefront of growth and expansion in the online gaming world. Online casinos record every little bit of data they collect from players. Besides the personal information like age and gender, they also record data like which games they prefer and how long they spend on each machine. 2018 will see more personalisation and two way communication.

Who remembers Pong and Pacman? Those were the days when competing meant getting a great score at the local arcade. Sometime during the 2000’s, competitions and tournaments became very professional which in turn started attracting huge crowds. Electronic sports, or eSports as it is called, is an organised video game competition awarded with cash prizes. Pro gamers compete around the world, and some cash prizes are in the millions. The 2017 International Dota 2 championship awarded a prize of nearly eleven million Dollars and Intel Extreme Masters paid a lucky contestant winner five hundred and fifty thousand Dollars. Speaking of worldwide event International Dota 2, the global audience for this eSports phenomenon grew from two hundred million to almost three million between 2014 and 2016. An incredible forty three% increase in just over two years!

To put gaming into perspective, according to Statista, League of Legends is the most played computer game on the planet. During 2016 a hundred million people played every month.

Tips To Becoming A Professional eGamer

Try Your Hand At Every Game

This will help you figure out which games you are stronger at. For players with a strategic mind and good at managing multiple units on the screen, consider a real time strategy game. This type of game includes positioning and manoeuvring units and structures to secure areas of the map. Examples of Real Time Strategy games include StarCraft II and Wings of Liberty. The most popular competitive games are first-person shooters, for example, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. Multiplayer online battle games include League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Choose Your Gaming Platform

You could use the Wii U, Xbox, Playstation, or the PC. Research the games you want to play and make sure they are available for more than one platform. Some games like Super Smash Brothers and Counter-Strike are only available for one gaming platform, Nintendo and Windows respectively. Another important factor to decide on is whether you are more comfortable with the controller or a mouse and keyboard.

Decide If You Want To Entertain Or Compete

Professional gaming is all about competition with the result being to win money. However, you don’t need to play a game to go pro, entertainers, on the other hand, make their living broadcasting their gameplay and interacting with fans as streamers.

Research Popular Techniques and Tactics Thoroughly

YouTube is excellent for finding tactical manoeuvres and tutorials. Play close attention to lead players and what their strategies are so that you can extrapolate what they do in your own play style.

Another essential step in the process is to join a team or a gaming league and compete at online tournaments. Go to LAN tournaments, a gathering of people with computers or compatible game consoles. If you start to consistently win online, the natural progression is to compete in live tournaments. The last step in becoming a professional gamer is getting sponsorship. This simply means that the sponsoring company will pay you a fee or give you free merchandise to advertise their product.

But without a doubt, the most important step is practice, practice, practice! To earn those six figures by playing video games for a living, you will have to practice continuously. Team Liquid, a professional league of Legends team, practice a minimum of fifty hours a week.

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